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Sportvision aims in bringing together physicians, optometrists, neuroscientists, psychologists, coaches, athletic trainer, coaches, muscle trainer, nutritionist, and dietician under a common place where they all work together with the athlete in achieving the higher aims of their lives.

Is Sport vision a new concept? What is its history?
You will be amazed to know that if we move back to see the history of sport vision we will find it has evolved in 20th century, specifically in 1921, we find a report on a legendary baseball player Babe Ruth. The literature has information about Babe Ruth’s eyesight being 12% faster than the average persons. The tests which were done to attain this result are not evident. Debate till date is still continuing about the relation between vision and sports.
In 1942, Winograd did a study taking general population and students who did and did not qualify for the team and found that the students who qualified had better stereopsis and visual efficiency.
Formation of an organization first happened in US in the name of Sport Vision Section of American Optometric Association in 1978. This organization is solely devoted to Sports vision.
In 1979 Pacific University College of Optometry started elective course on sports and recreational vision in the Optometry.
Growing awareness about sport vision has unfolded the most important aspect of sports which was unknown for ages.
Every sport has different visual demand and everyone cannot play every sport. Each sport has specific dominance factor and everyone is born with particular type of eye, hand and feet dominance. One must choose the sports on basis of their dominance factor.
Unless we see better, we cannot compare the existing vision and know if something can be better. Whatever we see we feel it to be the best and normal vision but seeing 20/20 is not the best, not only the common mass but even the athletes don’t realize that we can see better than 20/20.