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An Ocular Prosthesis is an artificial device that is placed in the empty eye socket to maintain its shape and to match with the fellow good eye. An artificial eye is handcrafted by the Ocularist-a highly skilled specialist. The eye is crafted to match precisely the natural eye and is made of plastic. It fits under the eyelids much like a large contact lens and moves to a great extent with the fellow eye, resembling nearer to the natural eye.

Advantages of Customised Ocular Prosthesis

Close matching with the natural eye,as it is hand painted to match exactly as the other eye.

More movements due to exact matching of the back of the prosthesis with the tissue structure in the socket.

Reduces discharge or watering as there is no or less friction with the socket tissue and the artificial eye.

Patients can wear the custom made artificial eye days together continuously even during sleeping hours.

Most of the weight of the prosthesis is distributed over the tissues inside and not on the lower lid.preventing lower lid sagging.

Some modifications are possible.

Custom made prosthesis play a very important role in the development of orbits of anophthalmic / rnicroopthalmic children.