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Hello I am Robin Nandy, an archer by profession

In the primitive ages the bow and arrows were used primarily for hunting until the time of Egyptians, who first used them extensively as weapons of war. After the advent of gun powder archery ceased to be of military importance and became a sport. I was passionate about shooting of deer with bow and arrow but hunting law prohibited me, so I took field archery as my hobby, passion and work. We need to walk over the designated distance and record his score according to the field archery regulations. I as an archer felt that I didn’t have consistent performance. I use to wonder why it is so but could never come to any convincing conclusion.

Then I started searching over net and got a clue that vision is somehow related to sporting ability but I didn’t take it seriously. I believed that my eyes are normal, healthy and fine with good vision. I was confident about having a good sight. One fine day foreign body went in my eyes and I started having watering, irritation, pain and redness. My friend took me to the local doctor Dr Sumitra. She gave me medicines and called me for a follow up checkup after 3 days. Eventually I did come to know that she is a sport vision specialist so I had a curiosity to know how vision is related to sports and particularly archery.

I did come to know a lot of things about my vision and role of vision in archery along with the visual requirements in archery. Archery is predominantly an aiming sport. I could never believe that different sports have different visual requirements and as per ones visual attributes one must select the sports. Everyone cannot play every sport.
I was doing well in my play but after the sport vision evaluation I did come to know that I had a particular color preference and it would suit me in playing. So I was prescribed a tinted glass and I felt I could aim better and faster. Not only I but my co participants and trainer also found a difference in my performance which was a significant one.

Thank you Dr Sumitra and, for helping me in understanding the concept of vision in sport. Doctor your advice helped me in performing better in my play.

Hello, I am Arindam Ganguly,

I went to Dr Sumitra for a routine eye checkup after I broke my pair of glass. On inquiring into my profession and nature of visual requirement the doctor said me strange things about my eyes which I had never known. I am a shooter by profession. Whenever I use to shoot I use to face a problem in focusing and most of the time I use to hit at left of my target. I underwent lot of practices and training but this problem of mine was consistent. Then I found that when I use to close my left eye, I use to hit my target well. So, I accepted the thing as it was without trying to probe into the details of it and thought it to be just a matter of chance and would never believe that it could be due to some visual reasons. I always had a notion that my eye site is perfect and would be resistive if anybody would tell me to go for an eye checkup. I had a mind setup that my eyes are perfectly fine.
The doctor said me to go for a Sport Vision evaluation rather than a normal routine eye checkup.

At first I didn’t understand what she said but she explained me the difference between the two. I was becoming more and more inquisitive about the new things which I was hearing from her so I decided to go for a complete Sport Vision evaluation. After my examination the doctor explained me the phenomenon behind my error in aiming and I was convinced by her explanations.

What I could understand was that I am a right handed person with left eye dominance. So, when I use to keep both eyes open my dominant eye which is my left eye use to take over and I use to miss my aim. Also I could find the reasons of other difficulties while playing. I was greatly convinced and underwent treatment and training from Sport Vision Global for 3 months. My training was a life changing experience for me and my sporting career.

After my training I realized a marked difference in my performance. Not only me but everyone found me performing well with both my eyes open. I am happy to come here and share my experience with all of you. I still remember my performance before the training and now. I am thankful to Dr Sumitra and for changing my life and sporting ability.

Hello I am Robin Sood an archer, involved in bow and arrows.

Though I was good in aiming but I use to face a problem of under shooting and I could not find any convincing reason to it. Inspite of constant practice and training from my trainer I had this problem and more marked especially towards the late hours of my practice. I was searching over net regarding my problem and found that there is some relation between sporting ability and vision. So, I decided to get myself evaluated.

After enquires and searches I came across Dr Sumitra of sportvisionglobal. I went to her, she took my complaints, nature of work, visual requirements and history. She then evaluated my visual status. I had very new, very different and out of the world experience during my evaluation. I had never seen all such testing tools in any clinic ever, it was all together different than a normal eye checkup, more over it took enough time in getting myself screened. At every step the science of sportvision was appearing interesting to me.

Then came the final step for which I was long awaiting, the outcome of my examination. I was wondering what could be the outcome? Will I get the answer to my unanswered query about under shooting? Is my under shooting anyhow related to my vision? Finally I could know that both my eyes are not working properly as a team. I was shocked to know it. I could never realize this anytime in my life. The doctor said that since both my eyes are not working together as a team it is affecting the depth perception and hence resulting in incorrect judgment of depth and distance of target which is the reason of my under shooting. I was greatly disappointed to know my visual status. She said me not to worry and said me it can be corrected but it needs some training. Then she explained me the complete system of training and everything that I wanted to know about the training and result of training. I thought for a while and instantly made a decision to go for the training.

The training was yet another experience which always made me wonder how the training could help me in performing well in my sport. I could myself feel the change that I was undergoing during my treatment and training. The final day came when I was again evaluated and screened. I had a remarkable improvement in my performance. Now I could aim and hit my target well without having the fear of undershooting.

My trainer and I are happy about my improvement. I was under Dr Sumitra’s training to correct my visual deficiencies and now I am happy to say I have improved and my purpose of coming to this site is to express my thanks to Dr Sumitra and Sport Vision Global for changing my life as a player.

Hi I am Abhishek Lara,

I am an archer. Just out of curiosity I visited a sportvision clinic in INDIA Sportvisionglobal. There I met Dr Sumitra, Sportvision specialist. From her I did come to know about sportvision, its concept and implication in archery. Even I did know a lot about vision and its role in archery. After my complete evaluation and checkup the doctor gave me tinted glasses to be worn when playing. And I found that as the day passess I use to feel the necessity for good contrast which was met by my tinted glasses and I could perform as good as I was performing in the early hours of the day.