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Sport Vision Global (SVG) has conducted extensive research since 2007 in the field of Sport Vision and is the only Sport Vision site and service available in INDIA.

Our aim is to provide competitive edge to athletes and non athletes and train them in enhancing their visual-motor reaction time.

Sport Vision Global has its panel of experts all over the world. You can choose your location and get our Sport Vision services worldwide.

Our sport vision services deals with vision and perception of vision along with it we do an evaluation of existing visual status and work on enhancing visual performance by prescribing appropriate visual aids, be it a simple spectacle correction or contact lens or tinted glasses or simply training the eyes or just providing protective eye wear during the sporting activity.


When an athlete visits our clinic we first try to take his history and then try to detect his visual problem that can affect his performance

Then we do visual acuity and refractive error correction. If required we provide vision training for the enhancement of ocular skills.

We provide protective glasses to avoid ocular injuries and also manage ocular traumas if any.

Concept of Sport Vision is based on the fact that whatever we do, we get signals from our eyes which is processed by our brain and the brain interprets it and finally activates the arms, hands, legs, feet and balance system of our body and then we act accordingly. The process though seems complex but it does not take more than a fraction of second.

But what if the eyes inaccurately or incompletely deliver the information to the brain or delivers after a delay?


As we all know in sports an elite player is just a fraction of seconds ahead of his competing player, so we can’t really accept the delay of a fraction of a second.

Our GLOBAL presence will help you get yourself screened, evaluated and treated.

Sport Vision Global provides you with -

1. Sport vision evaluation

2. Sport vision correction including- Spectacles, Contact Lens, LASIK, Visual training and exercises.

3. Training of the mind with the help of Psychotherapist to face the big day without anxiety and fear.

4. Medical aid to combat the injuries and illness of sports athlete