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Play is an essential part in the emotional and physical development of a child and encourages motor skills such as climbing,walking,jumping,throwing and catching and facilitates both eyes,hand-eye,eye-foot coordination.When the play begin to incorporate rules,it becomes a game leading to sports with both individual and team participation.

Sport is a human activity requiring physical exertion and or physical skill with competitive spirit in order to achieve a result. So sports ,by definition,is competitive and there are two or more players,there must be a winner and a loser or a draw and that may,in turn need to be settled by a penalty shoot-out or similar.Motivation is probably the strongest incentive and the concept of “winner at all costs” is often initiated.The incentive to win may vary from personal satisfaction,team spirit or national fervour to the high monetary awards accorded to professional sports personnels.The most significant factor,however,in the winning formula is skill,which is partially innate and partially acquired,and may,therefore,be optimized by coaching and training.Aptitude,in turn,is influenced by physique.In general ,shorter athletes are more suited to events such as Gymnastics,Soccer and Long distance running,tall individuals predominate in High Jumping and Basketball,while the heavyweights are more likely to be attracted to combat sports,throwing and defensive position in rugby.

Sport is also an occupation like many others. It has its own visual requirements.Sporting potential is nothing more than occupational potential.Occupation involves how human beings relate to their environment-this may have specific requirements at work or in sport or have general requirements in terms of navigating your way through the world,or interacting with the human beings or even learning to read and write.All the interaction can be summarized as behaviour.The words “sporting potential”,”occupational potential” and “behaviour”in this sense are interchangeable.The specific vision requirements of every individual sports are made up of two primary sports vision skills-aiming and anticipation and the proportion of these skills vary according to each sport.It is likely that depending on the individual visual characteristics of the athlete,that they will be pre-disposed to some sports more than others.For example tennis is not predominantly an aiming sport.Depth perception which allows the player to anticipate the arrival of the ball by judging its speed and direction is more important.It does not mean that the aiming is not vital,it is also needed when the racket is directly in line with the aiming eye and also during a serve.On the contrary clay shooting is predominantly associated with high aiming demand where distance of the object also need to be seen accurately to judge the relative speed of the clay through the air.

Sports can be Dynamic and Non Dynamic.Soccer,Yachting,Squash,Hockey etc are Dynamic sports,whereas Archery,Bowling,Shooting,Darts,Snooker,Chess are the examples of Non-Dynamic or Control Sports.The dispensing consideration changes as the balance in sports shifts from the dynamic to non dynamic,from physical to cerebral.

In sports like Ice-Hockey and Tennis,things happen very quickly and there is a great risk of trauma.In Chess there is very little movement and a lot of thought,so less risk of eye injuries.The intensity of competition in both these sports,however,should not be underestimated.

Sport can be defined as a physical activity involving large muscle groups,requiring strategic methods,physical training and mental preparation and whose outcome is determined,within a rule frame work,by skill,not by chance.Sport occurs in an organized ,structural and competitive environment where winner is declared.It may be that sport is simply where there is a competitive element.It is very difficult to find any other dividing line which separates one physical activity from another.Football is a team sport,involves mental preparation to pass the ball to each other to achieve the target.Lots of physical activity and physical training with strategic plan which are governed by set rules is needed to win the competition.

Whatever be the way of defining the sports,today it is a established fact that sport has become a physiological necessity.The reality in sports as in life is that there can be no winner without losers.The champion sits on top of a huge pyramid at the base of which all the spectators who attend,and works up through the people who built the tracks and financed the project to the coaches who trained the athlete and the clubs and officials who support them,right upto the person who came second or third.Winning has no meaning unless someone else loses.To win one day,probably means to lose another day,and in the end every competitive athlete knows that they must eventually lose. To say that else matters but the win,makes no sense.Nothing else is possible without all the other people who support the event and who are prepared to risk losing by competing.In life this is also true,we all depend on one another,one person on another,and one nation on another.Competitive sport is a way for individuals and nations to co-exist.It is a civilized way of replacing war and the rules of the sport are the mark of civilization.