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Normal vision doesnot mean seeing 20/20. Athletes need something more to become elite,

Vision is not just seeing but has many components which decides and makes athlete elite.

When you visit a normal eye testing centre you might find your vision is 20/20 but do you think it is sufficient?
A sportvision expert would do a complete evaluation of your visual status of which one is visual acuity.

You might wonder if I see 20/20 then what is wrong with my vision. I am a person with normal visual acuity.
But NO – Just Think!

When you are examined – you sit in the best of ambience and best of clinical setup with proper distance between you and the self illuminated, neat and clean vision chart with proper contrast. The criteria is just if you can read the smallest letter on the chart you are rated as 20/20 and certified with a normal vision certificate. You also come out happily with smiling face assuming yourself to be normal.
Now lets compare the clinic environment and setup with your day to day life where you will find that you are suppose to move out and work even in dark, dust, dawn, dusk, fog, rain, improper illumination, uncomfortable posture and place, variation of temperature along with varied physical and mental condition.
So is the check up sufficient which you have undergone?

The eye examination needs to be modulated visual demand is not static as the examination room, when you play you are in a dynamic state and the visual requirement is 3-dimensional. So an ordinary eye examination is not sufficient. You need sportvision evaluation.
The best part of sportvision evaluation is you are examined in your natural working or playing environment keeping the conditions in consideration, indoor as well as outdoor examination is done. It is an extensive procedure and is customized as per your sport.
Sportvision is not only beneficial for professional athletes but also high school and college athletes and for everyone who wants to see better than 20/20.

Most of the athletes consider their sight to be normal and had never undergone any eye examination. Approximately 50% of Olympic athletes have never had an eye test. In routine examination of eyes the functional disorders of eyes might not be discovered. Sport vision evaluation helps in finding the visual disturbance, if any.