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Every athlete faces it.


Some question does come in the mind of player like-
1. I am seeing the ball well but do I react in time or I am late? Is it possible to see the ball earlier than when I am seeing it?
2. Is it possible to focus quicker than others?
3. Is the depth perception and peripheral awareness optimum in my case or it can be enhanced or is my opponent having better depth perception and peripheral awareness than me?
4. In sports an athlete who is a winner is just a fraction of second earlier to his opponent does it have no connection with the vision and its attributes?

Athletes once or more have faced problems like-

1. Inspite of practice and physical training they are unable to find any noticeable improvement in the performance. The level of performance comes to a standstill although everything is tried. Visual screening in these cases can give a clue to this standstill performance.
2. The ball is not seen clearly. Most of the time the athletes never think that it could be somewhere related to his vision.
3. Over reaction or under reaction by false estimation of the ball due to miscalculation in the depth and distance of ball.
4. Difficulty in keeping the eyes on a moving object?
5. A sense of failure when the same mistake happens repeatedly and does not get corrected even after workup from the coach and self help. Once and for all the visual aspect should not be neglected and should be evaluated by a sport vision trainer.
6. In a play towards the evening and at night the performance drops inspite of the fact that the athlete is fresh and not fatigued.
7. At the end of the play, many a times it is found that even after putting pressure on the head one is unable to remember the play, his mistakes, faults and follies.

All the above conditions can be solved and helped by a sport vision expert who can help you find out reasons for the problems and work with you in overcoming these errors.